Monday, January 18, 2010

Ta Da! The winning comments from my week long lead-in to my blogiversary are Nalamienea and Ria. I have Pm"d you both on Ravelry to let you know! I know you both have been regular followers and I really appreciate your support. Check out their blogs if you get a chance. Here is what I have selected to send them:

Both skeins weigh in about the same, but the sage green is a bit denser and less fluffy. On the top is 94 grams of CVM wool naturally dyed of osage and indigo and goes to Ria. The sage green is 100 grams of BFL from my large bump of Briar Rose Fibers roving and will be making its way to Nalamienea. Both are handspun by me! Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you knit up with them!

Today was another day of chopping ice....and still not finished. Late today I came up with a great idea. I boiled up a teapot of water and carried it out and melted some ice which worked a bit. I made about 6 runs with the teapot, but only made slight headway. Stay tuned, and I will let you know when the ice is finally gone in spring.


Nalamienea said...

Wow, thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE the colour of the yarn I'll be receiving and can't wait to touch it and feel it and see what speaks to me. :)

Ria said...

OMG! Handspun goodness! I can't believe I won! Seriously, this is the first smile I've had all day. Thank you, thank you thank you!