Monday, August 25, 2008

Working my way down from the top.

Here is my progress on my February Lady Sweater.
And this photo shows what is left of the first two balls of yarn. Since I am doubling the yarn, it is coming close to gauge and I still am wondering if I have enough. The lace shouldn't take up as much yarn as the garter stitch so I hope is goes farther.
I am thinking about knitting both sleeves somewhat together: maybe one inch at a time on each. This way, I should be able to get them as long as possible without too much frogging to make them even, when I get close to the end of the yarn. The second two skeins, which I wound into balls yesterday, differ in weight. One is 114 grams and the other is 103 grams. I should be able to even out the yardage slightly, since the first two balls are growing smaller at different rates.
I also noticed a whole lot more VM (vegetable matter, ie hay) in the last two balls. That serves to remind me that the yarn came from a real alpaca animal on a farm. A lot dropped out as I used my ball winder, but I think I will be picking out VM every few inches as I knit.. Fun......


Iron Needles said...

Re: VM...Fun...but oh so real! Just like a pioneer!

I am waiting to see how your amount of yarn works out. There is an alpaca festival in Estes this weekend. Maybe you can get more yarn from the same farm?

maryeb said...

Saw you on the ravelry thread.
I love the beautiful white yarn and lacey pattern. I can't wait to see it done.

I really like the photos of your flowers.

You have a great blog with a nice variety of topics.