Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spinning FO

Today I was very productive, fiberwise. Since my birthday, last week, I have been working on spinning singles of the Louet wool top pencil roving in color "Thunderstorms". This yarn is to be entered into the Ravelry Spindlers Group in the August Challenge, whose theme is "rainforest." This is a reminder of what the fiber looks like:

It is my first spinning with multi-color roving and as such, I really didn't know what to expect.
The green seems to be predominant and the colors change at irregular intervals. The finished product will be more tweedy, than striped or pooled, I predicted to myself, and I was correct.

I knit three batches of singles, wound on 3 TP rolls and placed in my super-duper fancy Lazy Kate, made with a shoe box and straight knitting needles.
I used my ball winder to wind a 3 ply ball from the three singles. Then, using my Tracy Eichheim spindle, I plyed from the outside of the ball. I love this shot with the Golding and the Eichheim together.
I have made much progress getting my singles thinner and thinner compared to my beginning spinning and I probably could call the singles, or even a two ply laceweight. This is my early spinning on this fiber: This a shot from today, showing the more recent singles spinning and the plyed yarn still on the spindle.

I soaked the yarn, whacked it, and hung outside to dry quickly.

Here is the final result, 43 grams of sport to worsted, about 106 yards. Pretty, isn't she!
I still have more than 3/4 of the fiber left, so lots more spinning to do.

Then, I started plying on the last of the blue/green CVM fiber into a two ply.

Once I finish that yarn, it will be time to start knitting on it. I have enough to do several hats, mittens, or use it in combination in a felting project. I have seen on Ravelry the Fetching fingerless mitts, and there are hats to match. With gift giving season ahead, it is almost time to get started on that.


Iron Needles said...

Well done! That is beautiful! And I stand in awe of your spindle prowess. Great colors, too.
(I have done nothing but spin single ply with a one. Such a weenie I am.)

Anonymous said...

My mom, the talented writer, photographer, and spindler. Spindler?
Who knew?

Love from the proud daughter.

Kathleen said...

Your yarn looks great! I love the colors!

Ceci said...

Those colors are absolutely gorgeous! and your spinning is looking great to me. :) Course, even though I'm used to eyeballing Entrelac's and Robincat's, I still nothing about it! I'm trying not to pick up any new crafts since I haven't got the time to work on the ones I've got. :D

Peggy said...

You rock!

Mo said...

Ooohh pretty. Love the spinning. I want to try sometime soon.

Lady Violet said...

Amazing. Seeing RL pics of your Golding has totally convinced me that my next will be a Golding. =)

Ria said...

the yarn is amazing, don't think I'll ever have the courage to try that. Love the socks and hat!

Ria (tonyfan20 on ravelry)