Thursday, June 5, 2008

Souvenir from Paris

I have not disappeared, no. I have been down with a bronchitis bug, caught from Mom, and brought back from Paris. I have not been motivated to work on photos from the trip, but thought I would post a few just to get going............. This was the prop jet we took from Munich to Prague. Only about 50 passengers aboard, but the seats were real leather and far more comfortable than the big jet we had just spent 10 hours on from Denver to Munich!

Prague favorites

Above was a beautiful building with artwork throughout. We ate dinner in the basement restaurant- 6 of us. When the bill was delivered we put out our credit cards only to find out they only take Diners Club. Who the hell has a Diner's Club card anymore!!!! We thought we would have to wash dishes, but then the waiter told us they would take American $$ and brought out his calculator. We had no idea of the exchange rate, and we probably got royally ripped off..... At least the dinner was great and the setting was beautiful.

Below is a shot of the tremendous downpour on our first afternoon in Prague. This is the main square, usually full of people, but emptied out quickly. Luckily we were enjoying lunch and a beer in a covered outdoor cafe. We did get drenched walking back to the hotel. We never forgot our raincoats again on this trip!!!!

Below is the famous Astronomical Clock on the square. We were so exhaused after our long travel from Denver, I said to Mom that it was the Anatomical Clock! We had quite a laugh over that.

This is another view from the square in Prague- with the sun shining this time.


Iron Needles said...

How exotic! A Parisienne flu! I am betting you are not feeling that way. Wool market next weekend. You need to get better.

Thanks for your kind comments on my post, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how gorgeous! I've always wanted to go see Italy, but France might be on my list now too!