Friday, June 20, 2008

Catching up

I realized now that I never revealed my yarn purchases from my recent trip to Europe. You all have seen my sock yarn that I bought with the needles in Prague, but here are the rest, purchased in a small shop in Volkach, Germany. I was a little disappointed that the shop had only commercial type yarn and no handspun/hand dyed or really unique yarns to fondle. I was glad to see, however, that most of the towns we stopped in for touring at least had a yarn store at all. A big thing in all the shops was yarn for knitting the colors of the favorite soccer teams of the area into scarves. Not being that type of fan, I concentrated on sock yarn! I also wish I had more time to try to chat with the owner, but I had only about 10 minutes between the Wine Tasting and getting back to the bus. Maybe, if I had more wine (or less) things would have gone differently.

On a different note: Last Friday, I entered cell phone HELL when I lost my cell somewhere between the Food Court at the mall and driving home from work. I cleaned out my car, purse, locker, pockets and looked throughout my workplace, to no avail. "Why don't you call your number and see if anyone picks it up??," everyone said. Well, of course, when I had checked my phone for messages, the battery was very low..... so I turned it off while I was at lunch!!!!! It still has not turned up, so I called my provider and transferred my service to Alison's old phone. I had to reenter all my contacts, as well as erase 2 years of hers. But the worst part was the 162 photos she had on her phone, most of which had been taken in the dark at every bar in Kansas City. This had to be done one at a time, which was a real pain.... but mission accomplished. Alison, if you are listening, I did save several of the people I recognized......

To make the cell phone cozy in my possession I made a cover for it which is nearly done. Do you think it looks like a knitted sausage?

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