Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spring comes and goes and comes again!

This week we had 80 degrees and we had snow- again. I certainly hope it is for the last time because I have had enough. It seems that every time it is warm enough to put the top down on my little Miata, it snows the next day... ggggrrrrr. At least I fertilized the lawn just before the snow.
Anyway, my garden is springing to life. My bulbs this year are pretty scarce and I better plant some more this fall. Blooming this week was a single daffodil,

some tulips

and some grape hyacinths.
This week I finally plyed my first bit of hand spun. The photo on the left is single ply and my first efforts. On the right is two ply, still a bit thick and thin, but getting better. It was all I could do not to go find some more roving to keep going. I know I will be in big trouble financially when I go to the Estes Park Wool festival in June.
Have about 40 inches done on the shawl now and not quite sure how long it should be in the end. Any ideas?

A special day today as I took Mom out for a birthday lunch at Le Central. She turns 81 and looks great and feels great. We are both getting excited about our trip coming up in 10 more days. Unbelievable, the time is near!

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Iron Needles said...

I share your excitement for your upcoming trip with your mother. I bet you have a grand time.

I don't have an 'Alison' actually. That is the name of the pattern of the scarf! It's from Annie Modesitt's website, and I think named after her daughter.