Thursday, May 8, 2008

Motherhood in the Making

The shawl is growing every day. I am working on it every minute I can, and it is now about 3/4 of the way there. The mistakes don't show and I am just keeping on keeping on.

My trip is one week away now and time is running short. We have all the travel documents, cashed in my mad money coin jug to a tune of $185!! I was shocked how much was stashed there. Maybe that means I can go yarn shopping if I find any shops. I called the credit card companys to let them know I would be overseas and not to shut me off. Did laundry and all that is left is to start the packing. get me charged up.

Outside my bedroom window I have a great view of motherhood in the making. How appropriate a few days before Mother's Day. In the pine tree, a robin has been building a nest about 6 feet from my window. Daily she has been adding fiber and wiggling around to smooth and round out the bottom. No eggs have been laid yet, but I am watching daily. Hope they are laid before I leave next week.
Today, some finches approached while the robin was away gathering and they began to steal some fiber from the nest. The robin came back and stood guard and then continued her shaping of the inside.

The photos a a little blurry because it is a gray day and I am photographing through a screen. More to come as nature takes it course outside my window.

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