Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Adventures with Craigslist

Here is one response to one of my Craigslist ads. I am trying to help out Mom with the remaining furniture in her house and I have had some luck so far, but this email just made me laugh. Would anyone really fall for such an obvious scam as this:

"Thanks for the mail , i'm okay with the price , and i am comfortable
with the pictures i saw. I will be making the payment via cashier's
check,so i will need your full name that will be on the check and your
full address with your phone # where you can easily receive the
package via courier and i will arrange for the pickup myself.
NOTE ....And also the payment i will be sending will be in excess
inwhich you will give to the cargo company when they contact you for
the pickup.All you need to do is to faithfully deduct your own money
as soon as you have the cash athand and send the remaining to the
cargo company through WesternUnion Money Transfer for them to come for
the pickup.please get back to me if you are okay with this and i will
implore you to remove the ads off craigslist because i really want to
purchase this asap.

Honestly, this is word for word the entire posting....no signature, no identification, no phone number. Where are they writing from? Nigeria?


Iron Needles said...

I would say DELETE!!!

DrChopSuey said...

Yikes! My co-worker was trying to sell her car and someone responded to her Craigslist ad with a very similar email. Scary... delete!