Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sandwich Generation and I am the Cheese in the Middle!

What is it called when you have pressures and worries about your parents and your kids at the same time, as well as from the spouse??? I remember when it was called the Sandwich Generation and many of us have been there. Many more will visit this perspective as the years pass, but it is never easy. As we age in these modern times, we are living longer, are active longer and because we had our children later than in past generations, they are still not always settled down, when WE want to settle down and relax. I never would have envisioned that my husband AND my mother would have long discussions about their experiences with Social Security, health care, Medicare, aches and pains. Gary is having back surgery next week and it is yet to be seen how mobile he will be for the weeks following surgery. He thinks he will be bounding up the stairs when he comes home from the hospital. Here's hoping, but who am I to pop his bubble.

Mom is moving in three weeks into Senior Housing, independent living with services if she needs them and we are in the process of deciding what she wants to take and what to move to my basement to save for the kids. Several special treasures will be shipped to NYC to my brother and the rest will be donated or sold. We went through the house, opening closets and thumbing through papers: it was a special time of reminiscing. Luckily, this is not a forced move, but a decision made while there are still choices and we are all happy about that.

I am now the proud owner of every size of straight knitting needle pair from size one on up. Several months ago I posted about my Grandmother's knitting prowess, and her collection together with my Mom's is now in my craft room. I also now have steel crochet hooks in the smallest sizes imaginable.... multiples. Grandma must have suffered the same malady that plagues many modern crafters: losing and replacing needed tools, only to find them later. I think there are at least 6 size 9 steel crochet hooks! And most special of all, a 9" stack of vintage knitting books are mine. As I thumbed through them, I spotted 5 patterns that are still in my wardrobe today. Some were made for me, a baby sweater by my Mom for my daughter, several made and worn by my Grandma. Over the next several weeks, I will highlight these here in the blog! This pattern is published in the Bernat Handicrafter, but the cover is missing, so I don't know what year it is from.

All the books are in black and white from this era, and look at the size of her waist! This fashion forward tee shirt sweater is still worn by me under suits as a shell. This was made by Grandma for herself for the same purpose, probably in the late 50's or early 60's.
I am not sure what the yarn content is but the pattern calls for a nylon type yarn :Bernat Nylo Sports yarn.
Closeup of the pattern stitch.

Beautiful raglan, maintaining the pattern.

Stay tuned for more to come over the next weeks.

I can only deal with two generations at a time for now, so kids: stay safe, healthy and smart!


Iron Needles said...

It's nice that you and your Mom can work through the move together under these conditions. What a blessing. What a treasure trove of knitting paraphenalia, too!

Hope the impending surgery/recovery goes well. Sending good thoughts your way.

Jane said...

It can be a difficult time but it sounds like a good transition. How neat to have that sweater! Hang in there. Last year I lost my dad, my mom broke her ankle and my son broke his arm.

kate said...

At this point, I can only imagine what it's like to be between two generations. You must feel like you're being pulled in two different directions. Remember to take time for yourself! Happy Knitting- and enjoy your new tools!

lunaticraft said...

That's awesome that you've got this knitting legacy in your closet. So cool, and what a beautiful sweater!

I hope everything goes well with the move and the surgery! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all!

Joanne said...

Hi, Thanks for sending the articles from the Vancouver Sun. I'd heard the news, but hadn't seen the article. I appreciate the link! By the way, I don't have your email or I would have replied directly. All the best, Joanne

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Nice post. Loved those pictures. I will let you know how the fur coat sale goes. My mom had a mink from the 40's that she STILL wore in the 90's and it was ratty looking. But it was her memories from NYC and WWII, so it was special to her.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hope everything goes well with your husband's surgery.