Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy 10 days!

The girl power in the house is so energizing. It is hard to believe that it has been 10 days since I last posted here.

I finished up the Tour de Fleece, meeting my goal of finishing up my 2 lbs of fiber for a sweater and spun up about 3/4 of the the Kid Mohair into singles. I probably am getting tremendous yardage in the singles, since it is taking so long... and I am planning on Navajo plying into a 3-ply which should drop the yardage down significantly. Still, the 4.2 original oz should give me enough for a nice lace scarf or a small Ishbel, if I ever finish the big one.

Since the Tour finished, I have been giving myself a break from spinning and have been working on my green Ishbel again. If you remember the saga, I frogged all of the lace back and about 2 inches of the stockinette before the class with Cookie A. It is a little clearer now, and I have been diligently lining up my PSSO stitches, with very little tinking back. I have finished charts A B A and most of the second B chart, leaving another A, then C D E.

Alison did not want any part of this, but Amanda was game to sit down at the wheel and give it a spin. Definitely Art Yarn, which I sent home with her to use as a cat toy, but it was fun watching her give it her best.

In the weekend Manda was here, we squeezed in lots of activities with friends and family, from happy hour to a family get together.

She even posed with the hat she chose from my finished objects.

Alison selected the beret, but wouldn't yet pose for a photo. Luckily she will be several more days so I will work on that.

One of Alison's favorite things to do is play Trivia in a local bar in KC, where she lives. We gave it a shot last night at a bar in Littleton and surprise, our two person team came in third. I provided most of the history, Shakespeare, and quotation answers, and I relied on her for the pop music and pop culture questions. What a team we were, and no.... I wasn't the oldest person in the bar!

I sure miss having the family when they are not all here. That is the price I pay for having raised very independent daughters..... they move away from home.


Iron Needles said...

I know the feeling. About the energy, and having independent daughters, and loving it when they are around.

Glad you are able to enjoy all the time with them.

inkberryblue said...

A family quiz team ~ that sounds like loads of fun! Your knitting is lovely and your handspinning gorgeous ~ the blue is beautiful!

katknit said...

Lovely family - congrats on raising your girls so well! And beautiful fiber arts creations.