Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want my life back......

One week (and a day) til I take my Series 7 exam. Just when I think it is all making sense to me, I take another pretest and score about 59%...not quite a passing grade. I spend a few hours more to see where I screwed up, and then retake the test. I have 2 out of 4 of the tests nearly memorized, and need to get all 4 done before the test next week.

My Netflix discs have been sitting nearly a month now, and they are making tons of money off me.

I volunteered to make a felted purse for a charity auction in April, and I haven't even begun it yet. I will work on it full time after this test.

The only thing I have been doing is spinning on my wheel, since it is so relaxing and requires no thought, only slight hand movements. I will have to start knitting up what I have spun soon, or else I will have to open an Etsy shop to get rid of the results. Hmmmm. Just what I need is another distraction to studying....back to the books.

An early sign of spring is here. I know, everyone else has tulips and daffodils already blooming, but my gardens face north and it is the tundra and about 6 weeks behind everyone else. I love when MINE bloom though.


lunaticraft said...

I don't have any flowers blooming yet either... so you're not alone in being behind everyone else. =D

Ria said...

I have green peeking up - maybe blooms on the crocuses this week. GOOD LUCK on you test.

Iron Needles said...

It won't be long, and you will be doing fun new things for work!