Wednesday, April 23, 2008

California, Here I come!

I have been so excited about my upcoming trip with Mom to Europe, that I haven't even mentioned my trip to Carmel/Monterey California. This is a reunion Girls trip with my friends from college. The 4 of us graduated from U-CONN in 1972 and this is our 3rd annual reunion. The internet is a wonderful thing for reuniting with old friends. A long weekend, actually, it will be 4 days of silliness and wine. Aging as we are, I am bringing knitting needles and Sugar and Cream cotton yarn to teach all how to knit. I figure if I cast on for each, teach garter stitch and monitor their progress, by the end we will each have a wash cloth! :-)

This is us in 2006 in Santa Barbara- our first reunion. L to R: Cathy, Me, Candy, Donna

In 2007, we gathered in Colorado, except for Cathy (in photo) who threw her back out a couple of weeks before. Photo taken after bike ride from Frisco to Breckenridge.

Working diligently on the shawl, but I seem to be doing as much unknitting as I am knitting, which is ridiculous for such a simple pattern. There are only 4 rows to the feather and fan pattern and only one with anything to count! I am ready to scream as I unknit 2 rows here and 3 rows there. It sure is putting a damper on my forward progress. I will have lots of airport and flight time tomorrow and hopefully, I can concentrate enough to get a lot done this weekend.

I am very excited that I have a partner-in-crime so to speak for the Estes Park Wool Festival on June 14. I have taken a few classes with Stacy and she has agreed to drive up with me. I am holding off on any purchases before then so I can spend freely. Some year I hope to go up for a few days and take some workshops. From the Ravelry boards, there may be opportunities to meet lots of new friends who will also be there.

Talk to you all when I return.

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