Monday, January 21, 2008

The subway ate my hat

I spoke with daughter #1 this weekend and she asked me if I wanted to hear a story that would make me cry. I hesitated and said to go ahead. She lives in NYC and is Queen of the Subways, but on this occasion, her favorite hat fell out of her pocket, never to be seen again. This was a hat made last spring from the pattern: Odessa by Grumperina from the web site. It was made with Rowan Cashsoft DK in a pretty shade of sage green with a deeper seagreen bead. I had bought an extra ball of yarn as I extended the length to cover the ears and I still have beads left. I will make the same hat again. Is that like asking Leonardo da Vinci to paint another Mona Lisa?????? I hope I have enough yarn left to finish it. I never know how my knitting gifts are received- whether the eyes roll or whether the pieces are ever really used and enjoyed. Knowing that this one was a favorite, I am happy to try again and I hope the original is being loved and appreciated by whoever is in possession of it now.

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